Phoenix Flowers

Project by 7N Architects and Rankin Fraser Landscape Architects for the Glasgow Canal Regeneration Partnership (GCRP), a partnership between Glasgow City Council and ISIS Waterside Regeneration, supported by British Waterways Scotland. Completed in 2010 this was a significant instigator for wider plans currently underway to regenerate the Spiers Wharf and canal area in Maryhill, and the Garscube Rd Estate, to the north of Glasgow City Centre. Revitalising a pedestrian connection, this scheme uses  colour and landscaping interventions to imaginatively redefine what was previously a dark, threatening and awkward foot path through busy road junctions dividing the city centre to the Garscube Rd corridor, at the edge of the city centre. Nominated for the 2013 RIAS awards the scheme has been described as “The underbelly of the M8 transformed into a fantastical landscape that makes you smile. This is an ingenious way of making difficult public realm safer and more accessible.” The marking of the route by illuminated flowers delicately interspersed along the route is in stark contrast to the heavy arterial M8 motorway crossing, that cuts through the site. These photographs were taken as project was nearing completion and the lighting scheme was being tested out.