Selected Publications

1… ‘Poverty Safari’ Cover Image of Red Road flats to Darren MacGarvey’s 2017 debut book tackling the realities of British urban environments, and exposing the unheard voices from within too often isolated communities.
Luath Press – Nov 2017 

2… ‘Govan A Reconnection‘ Photo story & text introduction capturing elements of an underlying physical and emotional essence to the area. EdgeCondition Magazine Vol 5. Jan 2015 – Placemaking Edition.

3… ‘Regeneration Game’ photography of RMJM’s Glasgow Commonwealth Games Athletes Village to accompany article by Jude Barbour. Architects Journal – July 2014 

4… ‘Starting Blocks’ Photo Story and commentary on the failed and controversial proposal to bring down Glasgow’s Red Road Flats as part of the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. Urban Realm Magazine – Summer 2014

5… ‘Snap Chat‘ contributed commentary to piece looking at architecture photography Urban Realm Magazine – Spring 2014

6… ‘Full Circle’ cover image & photographs  focusing on the regeneration and current plight of Sighthill, a community in North Glasgow – accompanying article by magazine editor, John Glenday Urban Realm Magazine – Autumn 2013

7… ‘Saviles Glen Coe Haunt’ photographs & cover image questioning the future use of the disgraced tv personality’s former home – accompanying article by Alistair Scott of Smith Scott Mullan Architects Urban Realm Magazine – Spring 2013

8… ‘Doomed‘ 4 page written feature on finding an appropriate future for the land at Govan’s symbolic heart. Urban Realm Magazine – Summer 2012 

9… ‘Nothing About Us Without Us Is For Us
Review, Glasgow International Festival  a-n magazine – May 2012 

10… ‘Stop Making Sense‘ Photoshoot of Glasgow Band, Errors Skinny Magazine – Feb 2012

11… ‘Shipshape‘ 8 page written feature, cover & photo essay on Govan’s rich past and exciting future Urban Realm Magazine – Winter 2011

12… ‘Nirvana Nevermind Hits Twenty Years Old’
Review of Nirvana Nevermind for music blog – Sept 2011 

13… ‘Blurring & In-between Boundaries’
Review of ‘Dead Calm’ show – Jean Marc Bustamante, The Fruitmarket Gallery  a-n magazine – April 2011

14… ‘ End of the Red Road Flats’  Urban Realm Magazine – Spring 2010