The Bookmakers

Photography by its essence is a way of communicating, telling a story, and documenting. In this sense the majority of my practice seeks to encourage architects and design teams to incorporate photography into their design process, which usually entails creating a record of a finished design, presenting key elements that hopefully have achieved the architects initial vision. Working with architect Lee Ivett ( Baxendale ) in creating a strategy for improvements to the Main Street in the town of Beith, photography was used positively from the outset of the project – a valuable aid to site appraisal, and investigation, taking the time to ‘look closely’ in order to reach appropriate deign concepts. A series of photographs from the area enabled an initial understanding of priorities needing attention, whilst talking to local residents identified areas for improvement within the street. Creating plans, drawings and graphics as well as photos builds on my previous experience in architecture practice. Some of my portraits seen here from the street, along with outline ideas which contributed to the process.


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