Glasgow where do we go from here? We stand like towers.' (photograph and digital composition 2016)

On this page are some examples of artwork, produced by experimenting with different methods of processing and digital techniques. Often using photography as a starting point, images are built up with sketching or digital colouring. These are then printed on archival quality paper in small editions, and available for sale in a range of sizes. Please contact me for further information or if enquiring about buying a piece. I use good couriers and can post artwork in UK or abroad. Why not get yourself a unique customised piece of artwork or limited edition photographic print for your home or office? Do you want to collaborate in some imagery and illustration? Do you have a special place in mind you would like a unique print of? … or perhaps see one of my photographs that you would like to have incorporated into a stylised print or within a building project

As a photographer, I am interested in capturing cultural events, artworks, installations and public art, and enjoy working with artists to document projects, or for portraiture. In addition to photography, written work can be produced reviewing projects or exhibitions and providing editorial content & graphic illustration .