Eriboll Street, Collective Architecture, Loretto HA

Eriboll Street housing, Collective Architecture

New build affordable housing development in North Glasgow designed by Collective Architecture with Crudens as main contractor, on behalf of Loretto Housing Association. There seems to be a real drive to deliver much needed affordable housing at the moment and it is good to see some of the best architects in Scotland committed to making attractive places that provide good quality homes. Photographing housing is something I enjoy (despite the strange looks from residents). Having worked in architecture on these type of affordable housing projects between 2005 and 2010, I know the challenges and constraints that designers grapple with. Spending time on site photographing projects, I’ve learnt that small details; position of bin stores, landscaping, parking, use of colour etc, all contribute to the quality, and liveability of the overall design; comfortable homes, within safe and positive environment delivered on a tight budget. Design is key!