Riverside Museum, Glasgow

Riverside Museum, Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid’s Riverside Museum is both a physical and psychological landmark on the edge of the River Clyde. A statement loaded with intent and fluidity that anticipates the long overdue revival of the River Clyde’s adjacent wastelands, yet also speaks of the achievements which made this city and river great. Home to Glasgow’s Transport collection, its dynamic appearance invites a reaction. Some of these images were taken as preparations were made to open the doors to the public, back in 2011, and below are a few more recent images. I like to come here when I can for a variety of events and workshops, or simply to walk around its perimeter, enjoying the landscape and relationship to the river. Situated where the River Kelvin meets the Clyde on a barren former industrial site, the building references both functional and industrial riverside warehouses, whilst celebrating its contribution to Glasgow’s cityscape. The iconic folds and twists draws people through its cavernous interior to explore new perceptions of the city and river, offering an opportunity to reflect on Glasgow’s maritime connections. With a ferry link operating across the river to Govan, and plans for a new pedestrian bridge underway; The Riverside Museum’s lasting success will be its ability to encourage regeneration and breathe new life to its surroundings and across the water to Govan, where Glasgow’s shipbuilding pride is firmly engrained, as featured elsewhere on this site.

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