‘Glasgow and the Beast from The East’

The Snow came down hard on 28th February 2018, bringing Glasgow to a standstill as the ‘Beast From The East’ set in and swept across the country. By the morning of 1st March a further night of heavy snow had brought a fresh layer of the white stuff and people battled the elements to maintain any sense of normal day to day life in the city. I got up early on the 1st of March, and realising it was going to be a different kind of day, decided to take a morning walk across the city. At first light the city felt quite surreal, no traffic, quiet, an unordinary day; yet the buildings and city stood still and peacefully buried beneath the snow.

Footprints in the snow, Maryhill Locks
Icy Tenements, Hillhead
Kelvin Way, Glasgow
Kelvingrove Museum
Gardner Street
Panoptican Theatre, Argyle Street

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