Tenement print completed

I’ve had this image in mind for some time. The idea came from a print I made years ago called ‘Glasgow Rises’ which is below at the bottom. I used the same process starting with a scan of a 35mm photograph, before layering up digital colour on top to enhance the sense of perspective and light.  ‘Murano Street’ is a typical Glasgow tenement lined street, reflecting the surge of building that went up at the height of Glasgow’s Industrial prominence. Forming a continuous backdrop and cityscape the Glasgow tenements are as much a part of the city as the people. Through conservation and rehabilitation they have adapted to the changing needs of the city. Their fate once looking ominous as streets were flattened and residents moved to high rises and post war estates, today this experiment has been reversed, with successive high rise demolitions and good fortune brought to  many tenements, encouraged by local housing associations and residents taking responsibility for the  preservation of these buildings. Across the city serious challenges remain in making sure tenements are protected into the future, with refurbishments, stone repairs and re-roofing in many cases in urgent need! This image is a limited edition print made at Glasgow Print Studio, and also available in a few stockists in Glasgow. Please be in touch should you be interested in buying a print. The print is also featuring in the Art Meets Architecture fundraising exhibition which is raising funds for Enable Scotland and Glasgow School of Art restoration.

Murano Street (35mm photograph & digital composition) 2013
Glasgow Rises (35mm Photograph & Digital Composition) 2005

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