#Dear Green City Print

So I’ve not got round to updating any ‘news’ on here for sometime… Its been good to work with the likes of Loretto HousingAssociation, FBN Architects, John Gilbert Architects and Collective Architecture to name a few recent clients producing innovative and award winning housing designs. After many years working mainly on residential architecture before embarking on my freelance and self employed life ( believe me its rewarding, challenging, and improving) its good to get a close look at some of these projects and these clients all appreciate the amount of effort that is required in capturing these projects so as to effectively communicate the essence of the design, and to present series of images in their best light.

Continuing my regeneration, cultural planning and placemaking work focusing on Govan and Glasgow developments ( and surrounding areas) , I visited Gdansk to participate in a cultural exchange project delivered by the University of West of Scotland that looks at drawing connections and opportunities in responding to the cultural heritage and finding new processes for sustaining appropriate waterfront development in both Govan and Gdansk. This network of contributors from within both places; artists, architects, activists and many other knowledgeable and like minded people hope to continue to share approaches and strengthen potential for new alternative mechanisms to protect and transform these unique and complex, historical and deindustrialised landscapes, their past stories deserving a rich future. I’ve also begun some more investigative work with an old friend and architect Lee Ivett aka as Baxendale who’s unique approach to the urban landscape, creative collaboration, and how to open up new opportunities for people and space has been a pleasure to see evolve. I will write  more about this in due course.

Recently I’ve completed a new piece of artwork (see below)  and have been trying to explore new techniques and styles of working. Edgemont Street nestled into the landscape of Shawlands, is typical of the ‘Dear Green City’s’ tenement lined streets. Conceived as a commission for a private client – and printed as an edition of 10 prints, it took some time to make, the image being worked up in layers – starting with elements taken from a photograph of the scene and then built up with sketches and digital colouring, to try and capture the magic of Glasgow’s, landscape, architecture and light quality.  Its fun stuff to do and i hope to keep developing my art work with pieces available privately and through a few galleries. I’m donating  one of these prints to this year’s Art Meets Architecture event, following on the success of last years auction and supporting Enable Scotland and their work with people with learning difficulties. Photography and architecture is usually the starting point for this work as with my Murano Street print but am enjoying doing some life drawing again to keep my eye working and drawing skills going… .

Right it is time to get back to arranging photo shoots – Lightroom, photoshop and image editing now – Thanks for looking and keep checking for updates!

Edgemont Street. Glasgow tenements

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