Govanhill Housing Association, Residential Development

Situated at the junction of Cathcart Road and Butterbiggins Road, this 35-apartment development was designed by Riach Partnership to meet the needs of Govanhill Housing  Association for one and two bedroom amenity housing, specifically for older or disabled people.  Large family wheelchair adapted flats were provided with their own private garden on the ground floor. Lift access has been provided to all floors and rear deck access to upper floor flats offers circulation. A private, secure garden amenity space,  offers commanding views over the cityscape.

As a prime gateway site from the south side of the River Clyde into this part of Glasgow, a bold design was required capable of holding such a site, that effectively marks a corner stop to the built up area of Govanhill, North of the M74. I was commissioned to take images for the contractor CCG, Govanhill Housing Association and Riach Partnership.