Urban Landscapes

Beith - Wednesday Afternoon

documentary and reportage approach to photography, my urban landscape photography, has developed alongside extensive research and assignments in different communities with an interest and knowledge in how places change over time and the factors contributing to both positive and negative change to the environment. Often this is combined with an in depth study of an area over time, drawing on my background in architecture with both photo essays and written work  that get beneath the surface of a community, to capture the true identity of a place. Providing consultation on urban environments, photography can be an important tool helping to create an analysis of an area, and identify opportunities,  and design strategies.

Rather than purely documenting and celebrating completed architectural projects, my urban landscape photography  explores the social, physical, and economic issues facing our environments and everyday street culture. I’m also interested in bringing photography into the early stages of design investigations, documenting and looking closely at the existing condition of a place. This type of documentary can exist as  a series of prints or be combined with editorial features  or presentations.