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#PovertySafari, book cover to Darren McGarvey's Orwell Prize winning book

#PovertySafari, book cover to Darren McGarvey’s Orwell Prize winning book

l was delighted to be asked to contribute an image to the cover of Darren MacGarvey’s debut book ‘Poverty Safari’. The book is published in November 2017 and tackles perhaps the most urgent issues facing the UK, – overcoming an invisible divide between poorer and more affluent communities, bringing marginalised and isolated voices into a dialogue for empowerment and change.

The end of the Red Road Flats, Glasgow

The end of the Red Road Flats, Glasgow

With recent events and the preparation for demolition bringing the attention of journalists and other eyes to focus on the Red Road Flats in Glasgow, the current situation and future of this area is both sensitive and uncertain. In an attempt to put expectations and stereotypes to one side, I was curious as to what […]