Minerva Street, New Build Housing

Holmes Miller Minerva Street

Photographed for Holmes Miller Architects. The landscape, and neighbourhood of Finnieston with the thriving ‘strip’ of bars, restaurants and artisan shops, continues to attract demand from developers keen to secure new sites amidst an established property market. I can’t remember what occupied this site before (change seems constant around here recently) within the fashionable conservation area of St Vincent Crescent – its curved Victorian streetscape epitomising the capabilities of sandstone, wealth of the Empire, and the elegance of Glasgow’s West End. The process and way we build today is  entirely different… often relying on a kit of parts to assemble a building, chosen from catalogues, and price quantified accordingly. The front elevation seen here soaked in late afternoon sunlight  uses a restrained palette but clearly illustrates how the use of stone is appropriate to Glasgow; when used well it rises above  the over used and fussy mix of materials, render and panels etc used so widely in today’s architecture. The material will not become outdated; will not deteriorate anytime soon, and hence will stand the test of time. I like contemporary architecture but remain sure that Glasgow continues to be indebted to its sandstone roots and in my opinion cannot pay enough homage to this legendary material.

Tom Manley_Holmes Miller_Minerva St -1