Welcome to my blog…. its intended purpose is to showcase my photography and act as an initial point of contact for anyone interested in my work or with a project in mind, which I may be able to assist with. For people just dropping by, I hope there is something which catches your eye here and please feel free to contact me should you require further information.

This all started at art school before embarking on my studies in architecture, urban design & regeneration and has developed over the  years whilst working  for several firms of architects … The camera enabled me to record things… to collect ideas, … colours, … atmospheres, … people and places… It can capture inspiring moments, but often the resulting photographs  also inspire further projects, communicate ideas and explore ongoing themes that I am interested in. Besides architecture I continue to produce artwork and contribute text to various publications and blogs… The challenge is pulling this all together!

Architectural photography is my main area of focus and in addition to purely documenting a building, I try to bring context and atmosphere into these images. By playing with the textures and composition within a viewfinder, it is important to establish views that do more than purely document a building, but capture the essence of its design, the way light enters the building and its spatial arrangement.

Building on my background in architecture and interest in urban cultures and the built environment, I am a firm believer in images which  capture the raw atmosphere of places, often celebrating the built environment by finding unique atmospheres within everyday, ordinary or neglected spaces. These images question our use of urban space and highlight the territorial and changing nature of landownership. I like to photograph areas that are in a process of change… Physical and cultural regeneration digs up neighborhoods often without thinking how it will impact on the way of life for generations,  leaving imbalance between the new and derelict space. This type of photography is about seeing things for what they are… offering glimpses of a social landscape, whilst documentary style images enable viewers to question and make their own assumptions.

Glasgow has inspired my photography; a very vibrant city, yet with a raw and gritty urban aesthetic that balances style and culture, with its own rich and unique urban heritage and proud foundations. My passion for this city I hope comes across in some of my images and artwork.

Red Road, Flats

Glasgow Victorian Architecture

Glasgow Architecture

Scottish Ballet, Malcolm Fraser Architects

Scottish Ballet, Malcolm Fraser Architects


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